Anchors and Anchovies

Benjamin Taylor Venable.
18. Junior status at the University of Kentucky.
Majoring in political science and psychology.

Carrots, lettuce, celery, and peas.
The English language and Mandarin Chinese.
Refineries, factories, and city lights.
Mother nature and star-filled nights.
Fat women singing and pigs with wings.
These are a few of my favorite things.
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WHUR MUH BOATS AT (by EmpyreanAria)

pretty much the greatest video ever.

I shaved my mustache for you.

Girls kill me.



Draw a picture
of the thing you love the most
and beneath it write a small description
of how and why.

Take that picture and make fifty copies
the size of business cards,
cut them out and put them in your wallet.

Each time you meet someone,
instead of giving them your phone number
give them this card.

Once the first fifty are gone,
make fifty more.
Change the picture and the description
as often as needed.
Repeat until you’ve met everyone on earth.

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